Meet Alexandra Martin!


Hi, my name is Ali Martin!

I am a first year PhD student in Family Science.

My family consists of me and my father. Our family tag line: “Go do it!” I am blessed to have him in my life in so many ways. He teaches me how to engage in life with curiosity, laughter, and love.

I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. It is a Midwestern city with a large university and quite a few other colleges. Madison is diverse with people from around the world who come to study there! Many people see Madison as a liberal-minded city, and it is. People of all ages do like to party in Madison and celebrate almost anything, but there are also calm moments where people like to relax by the lakes. We have a lot of trees, lakes, and hills in Madison, which attract many different people from all around the world.

I have studied at 6 different universities (including Nebraska) within the last 4 years. I love school and studying abroad!

I do not know if I can describe what I hope to learn in India. What I hope to learn is something along the lines of a greater understanding and connection to what it means to be human as well as a sense of awe and appreciation for life.


One thought on “Meet Alexandra Martin!

  1. Hey Ali, I got your site from your Dad. We’ll be following you, hope everything is going great and according to plan.
    Missing you already
    Uncle Mike

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