Meet Cassie Rosenthal!


Hey there, my name is Cassie Rosenthal.

I am a senior majoring in sociology and psychology with a minor in human rights. I will be graduating this upcoming August. One thing I look forward to about graduating is having more free time to do the things I love, such as read for fun or working on my scrapbook!

Although I was born in Arizona only lived there for a few months before we moved to Omaha, Nebraska. I grew up on the outskirts of town on an acreage, so I feel that I got the best mixture of city life and peaceful quiet with a little country.  I have one sister who is a year a and a half older. She graduated in December of 2012 and just got  married last summer.

I have no idea what India will bring, but I am so excited for the adventure. Two summers ago I spent 6 weeks in Kolkata and I am very excited to be going back and exploring more of India. I look forward to studying what different people are doing about human trafficking, and how they all work together to end this injustice.


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