Meet Haley French-Sloan!

My name is Haley French-Sloan and I am a first year Master’s student studying Educational Administration with a specialization in Student Affairs. I have a small and very close-knit family. I have one sister, 3 years my junior. My father is a conductor on the railroad and my mother works as a secretary at an elementary school.  I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska where I still live. One of my most cherished experiences here in Lincoln was my high school experience. I attended one of the most diverse high schools in Lincoln, where the student population represented a vast array of cultures and languages. I believe that this experience has a lot to do with my passion for traveling, particularly internationally, and learning about different ways of life. During my undergraduate years I majored in English and am very passionate about writing. I am extremely excited to travel to India this summer! While in India I am hoping to be able to observe and learn more about the culture generally, and about the inequality specifically, which seems to be so evident in this part of the world. I know every day may not be uplifting, but I am ready to take on this challenge and hope to learn about becoming more emotionally connected to and deeply knowledgeable about the places I travel to. 



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