Meet Julia Donato!

My name is Julia Donato. I am a first year Marriage and Family Therapist Graduate student. I am originally from Syracuse, New York, where my parents still live. My dad is a lawyer, while my mom is an environmental planner. I have two younger siblings. My brother is 19 and goes to Ithaca college. My sister is 21 and goes to University of Vermont. I also have two dogs, Jackson and Roxy, who I consider to be very much apart of my family.
The only culture I have grown up around is the Italian culture. My dad’s parents are both very Italian, and so some of those traditions were passed down through the generations. As a result, my life involves lots of large family gatherings, many loud family members, and lots of food. My mom identifies as Yugoslavian, however we do not practice any traditions from that culture. Overall though, my family remains very close. We are always in contact and often rely on each other. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family.
In terms of something interesting about me, I really enjoy cooking and baking. I also really enjoy eating all different types of food. I am always up for something new to eat! This is one reason I cannot wait to go to India, I am so excited about their food! I also want to open up my current understandings on how the world works. Fortunately, I have been able to travel in my past to different parts of the world, and so I look forward to building on those experiences. My only goal of traveling to India is to broaden my perspectives of other people and cultures!

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